Do you have an important text that needs translating or improving?

Tell your language expert exactly what you need:

What is your text for?

Are you trying to break into a new market? Get a science paper published or a new patent accepted? Is it a work of fiction? A contract? Or maybe you need a summary of a long, complex text to help you understand it better?

Tell your translator and they will make sure their translation works for you.

Who is going to read your text?

Is your reader British or American? Spanish or Mexican? Young or old? Professional or a member of the general public?

Style matters. Your translator can adapt your text to your target readers. Whatever their social, geographic or professional context, you can be sure they will get your message.

Because translation is not a game of word swap, your translator can even engage in some “transcreation”, producing entirely new content for your target reader based on your original text. Or warn you where your text is not quite right for the new readers.

Glokalize your text!