How long will it take?

Think how long it took you to write it, and how long it takes to read. Keep in mind that translation is the ultimate exercise in close reading, and actually involves going through the document several times.
A professional translator can typically translate and proofread three to five thousand words a day, but this may vary according to the complexity of the text.

How much will it cost?

A press release is not the same as a business contract.

The cost of the translation is directly linked to the time we will spend working on your document and is usually calculated by word. The only way for us to know this is if we see the text. So send it over! It will be handled with completely confidentiality and we will send you a free quote and date of delivery.

What if I translated it myself or using Google Translate, then sent it for proofreading?

Did you trust your original text to a machine? Google Translate may be good for some quick, general things, but it does not generate professional-level texts.

Only a human translator can go beyond the words themselves to translate their meaning. They can read between the lines to understand the author’s intentions and how to achieve them for the new reader. Plus, you can tell your human translator exactly what you want!

What is your text for? 

Is there anything else your translator needs to know when translating your text?

Tell us here! Or send us an email or give us a call. The more contact, the better.

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